Amit Ambegaonkar is the President and Founder of Your Profound Solutions Inc. He specializes in Management Consulting and Corporate Training. He is the award-winning author and a Professional Keynote Speaker.
Some of Amit’s career highlights include sharing stages with renowned world-known professional speakers and leaders like Brian Tracy, Robert Allen, Raymond Aaron, and many more. Amit has also been fortunate to be co-authoring books with these powerful personalities. He has been featured on Canadian Real Estate Magazine as an expert and also has been on various TV and Radio interviews.
In his book, ‘Your Profound Success’, Amit guides business owners how to make small changes in their business and create massive results. He truly is promoter of building your brand, working smart by leveraging your resources and achieving work-life balance.
Amit’s company, Your Profound Solutions focuses on offering trainings and solutions to management and employees that engage and enrich them with simple, powerful and result-oriented principles to help their company prosper and be viable. Amit uses his time-tested proven systems to help apply these principles creating the results backed by real statistics to objectively demonstrate growth. Amit believes in creating success through precise knowledge and its implementation across businesses to enrich and empower them to excel in any economy. This involves providing innovative tools for ongoing improvement and bringing down thebarriers and challenges that face our business world today. A business can truly achieve exponential progress with the help of the system that he has designed, Profound Success System™. Amit has been actively involved in various non-profit and charity programs that make a difference by creating abundance for communities and helping kids with food and other critical resources. As a professional and keynote speaker, he is invited to speak on various stages and platforms, like Better Business Expo, Franchise show, and many others to guide, coach and train business owners.
Free Ebook: 5 Worst Mistakes Business Owners Make: YourProfoundSolutions.com/ebook

Website: www.YourProfoundSolutions.com


Swapna is very passionate about helping others and making a difference in the world by inspiring, encouraging and empowering individuals.

Swapna has the natural ability to connect with you and helps you identify your life purpose and goals. Through this book, “Your Journey Within” she guides and inspires you to be at your best and reach new heights using practical and real world examples and exercises.

Swapna has been involved in self-development for many years and truly understands the importance of having the right mindset to be successful in life. She truly believes that the power is in you and you can achieve all the goals that you ever wanted to achieve.

Swapna believes in the practical application of knowledge and also emphasizes the importance of taking action to achieve the life that you deserve.

Success is not just a destination, it is journey and Swapna empowers you with these powerful and simple steps that you need to take in order to be successful.


Sanjana Ambegaonkar is the founder of “Young Minds Big Impact” movement, impacting the youth generation, creating the future leaders of our society. Sanjana is the award-winning author of “The Art of Appreciation: How to Appreciate Everything You Have and Take Nothing for Granted” and co-author of the book “Awaken Your Inner Hero”. She holds her own workshops in the Toronto area and is often invited to speak at various events. Recently Sanjana was invited as the Keynote speaker by the Future Aces Foundation where she addressed 120 kids from the Toronto District School board. She has been featured on various podcasts and internet TV shows.

To contact her, please visit youngmindsbigimpact.com, or find her on Instagram @youngmindsbigimpact.

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