Shattering Your Limiting Beliefs

I help my clients to monitor the most important aspects of their business statistics. I can thus help them get the results objectively as all my coaching programs are highly results-oriented! If you get into my Business coaching program, you will have a tool that will track your growth and you will have an exact road map for you to follow! Imagine the peace of mind that you will have to know that you are always working on what’s working best in your business. You will minimize the trial and error in your business hence will achieve the results faster.

Behind the scenes: Day in the life a coach.

This was my experience yesterday… As I coached more than 10 entrepreneurs in a span of about 7 hours, I had some major insights. These sessions were back to back for 30 min intervals. Business owners that signed up for my coaching ranged from total newbies to people that in business for 35 years. It […]

Shattering Your Limiting Beliefs

What is a limiting belief? Are your limiting beliefs setting you back? Do you know the exact mechanism of how to identify a limiting belief? Do you know how to get rid of some of them instantly? Do you know those excuses that you tell yourself when something doesn’t go your way? Say you’re having […]

How to Establish Your Brand

An exciting time in any entrepreneur’s life is started a new business. However, it can often feel like you’re faced with a huge mountain. However, the only way to reach the top is to take it step by step. This can be said for all areas of business, but is especially true when it comes […]

How to Scale Up Your Business to Soaring Heights?

How to scale up your business? 1. Start with your goal: knowing exactly what you want to achieve, by when and having a clear sense of the most ideal situation that you want to be in, is one of the most important starting points. Once you have your goal defined then you can move on and […]

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