Generally, when you hear about statistics in business, is your staff saying it’s boring, it’s not worth it, it’s too much to manage, I don’t know what to do with it once I have the results, etc.

I would have to agree to a lot of these things because I myself used to think the same. I see a lot of entrepreneurs not following a specific system for their statistics and being unaware of how to use it to their advantage.

There are specific actions steps that need to be implemented in specific statistical growth and decline stages that will truly transform what you can achieve in your business! 

Can you imagine the number of hours you get save to spend with your family? You will have the income to take vacations to relax on beaches or sightseeing places with people that you love! 

If you look at all successful businesses the one thing then they have their major attention on their statistics. 

If you do not have any statistics for your business right now, it will be very difficult for you to know what works. Statistics gives you an actual indication of what’s working for your business and also what’s not working for your business.

I know it can be very tricky, laborious, time-consuming, and lots of other negative things to keep proper statistics. However, if you follow a very very simple system to just keep statistics on two or three most important indicators of success for your business it will help you a lot. As a beginner of statistics, you may not have to monitor each and every aspect of your business.

You can start by monitoring the factors that will make a maximum influence on your business. What are the two or three major factors that if you can monitor will give you a whole lot of information about your business? What factors could drastically improve your business by monitoring them and taking appropriate actions?

If you are in my coaching and mentoring program, you have access to special software’s that I use that make monitoring very easy for your business.

The system that I use also gives you a pure indicator of what you need to do depending on how your statistics is doing.

I help my clients to monitor the most important aspects of their business. I can thus help them get the results objectively as all my coaching programs are highly results-oriented! If you get into my Business coaching program, you will have a tool that will track your growth and you will have an exact road map for you to follow! Imagine the peace of mind that you will have to know that you are always working on what’s working best in your business. You will minimize the trial and error in your business hence will achieve the results faster.

And hence if you keep good statistics, as the numbers change, you need to know how your strategies need to change according to the change in statistics.

If you are not going to change anything in your business based on statistics, then keeping the statistics would not matter much for your business.

You need to know the exact steps that you need to follow based on how your statistics changes. There is an exact mechanism has to be applied if your stats go down and if goes up. If you don’t know the exact mechanism, and the exact action to take, please connect with me. I will work with you to help you determine the exact stats to monitor and specific actions to take.

Let me give you an example, suppose the number of sales that you’ve made last week is less than what you made this week; you have something called up-statistics and hence the strategies that you follow with this info on statistics are different than what you would have last week.

Can you imagine how easy your life would be if you and your team get the exact steps to follow on a weekly basis and you get to see your bank account rising each week?

This will truly make you successful and make you the income that you always wanted.

Just imagine, how proud your family be of you and how much good you can do by helping others that could use your help. Imagine you are in a position to donate money to dig wells for people who walk 15 km just to get fresh water. Imagine because of your donation’s girls are getting the education in countries that would not get otherwise, you are helping oceans be cleaner, you are funding research that finds cures for some nasty diseases, provide food for some undernourished kids, etc.

YOU can make a huge change in this world and I can work with you to make such a big difference.

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