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What Kind of Leader Are You? What Are Your Limitations?

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Presented by Amit and Swapna Ambegaonkar

Understanding more about your limitations and the way you lead others will give you a better perception of the scope of your reach and the impact that your efforts are having on those you lead.

Together, we’ll explore some of the most common leadership styles and pinpoint which categories you align with. From there, you’ll have the tools you need to start creating a plan for improvement.

Even if you’re not managing a team on a daily basis, you’ll still have to step into a leadership role from time to time – whether you’re caring for a child, leading a project, or hosting a meeting.

There are no prerequisites for leadership, and anyone can be a leader – which is why everyone can benefit from this worksop!

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What Does It Take To Achieve Success?

A company’s values lie at the heart of the business and serve as the foundation for its founding and working principles.

Having firm, achievable goals will:

-Grow your business
-Cultivate teamwork and collaboration
-Help you and your team know where the business is headed

This event, JOURNEY TO SUCCESS, is a great opportunity for business owners looking to set their business apart from other businesses by creating goals and establishing a strategy for success.

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The Dynamic Masterclass will help you create the business that runs without you so that you will have the time and money to enjoy the things that you deserve!

Dynamic Masterclass will help you generate passvie income to give your family the life they will adore you for.

This event will give you the opportunity to travel around the world and become an icon in your filed of expertise.

Out of all the Business events in Mississauga this event is rated the best one to attend by our clients! We are very proud of that and you will know why once you attend this Masterclass.

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