Your Profound Solutions book by Swapna Ambegaonkar
The Art Of Appreciation
How to appreciate everything you have and take nothing for granted
- Sanjana Ambegaonkar
Your Journey Within Book by Swapna Ambegaonkar
Here is what you will find in this powerful and Award-winning book:
  • ​The Art of Appreciation book opens your mind to the incredible effects that a simple act of appreciation can have on you and those around you. Sanjana has done a remarkable job of explaining the often taken-for-granted act of appreciation and illustrated its significance in a very efficient way.
  • ​Sanjana introduces you to different levels of appreciation and demonstrates them with her personal stories that are sure to influence not just the life of teenagers but also people of all ages. 
  • ​To have such incredible insights at this tender age of 12 and share it with the world in such detail step-by-step manner is truly worth appreciating.
  • ​The book unveils appreciation as an art as it inspires you to use this simple act of kindness to change the world. 
  • ​A must-read - "The Art Of Appreciation."
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Your Journey Within Book by Swapna Ambegaonkar

About the Author

Sanjana Ambegaonkar is very passionate about helping others by sharing her ideas, and believes in improving their lives. At the very young age of 12, she is very well knowledgeable about aspects of life that even adults find very fascinating.
This book is a result of such an idea that Sanjana wanted to share with all her readers to help them understand the critical and important facet of gratitude.
The valuable concept of appreciating how lucky we are has been in her mind for a long time.
So, when Sanjana decided to write a book, she almost immediately knew what her book was going to be about! It was the same concept that she has been talking, writing and sharing about for so many years - Appreciation.
Sanjana, therefore, puts forth the idea that, although appreciation is a commonly used trait, if used in the book’s methods, it will enhance your life and the life of others around you.

What People say about Sanjana

I have had the privilege of training Sanjana in a highly demanding and complex classical Indian dance form for over seven years. Her pursuit of excellence in this exacting art form has been unstinting, always approaching her training and performance with enthusiasm and commitment.
And now - the book project speaks of yet another facet of this talented teenager and I have no doubt that she will illuminate all our lives with her insightful and sensitive writing through her book – “The Art Of Appreciation”
Lata Pada
Artistic Director
Sampradaya Dance Academy
Member of the Order of Canada
It is my great pleasure and honour to congratulate Sanjana for this outstanding accomplishment. This is proof that we must always be hopeful and inspire the talents and abilities of our young people to be the best they can be.
 Sanjana's positive attitude and determination is a fine example of what can be accomplished with focus, dedication and commitment.
The Art of Appreciation will guide all students (particularly those of middle school age) to seek greater appreciation of others and all aspects of their own lives.
We are all so proud of Sanjana and look forward to the positive impact her book will have for years to come.
Wishing you All The Best as you continue your journey of life and learning.
Tracey Boakye-Cofie
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