How to Attract high paying clients online

Find out exactly what changes you need to make in the two most important areas of your business: 
Branding and Sales 

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The Truth Is That The Life You Want, The Family You Want, the financial stability you want Is Going To Be Fueled By The Business You Build in this time of CRISIS...
In this exclusive webinar you will learn:
How To Connect with your Prospects, Drive Sales, and maximize profits.
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How To Attract High-Paying Clients Online: Jan 28 at 2 pm (EST)
Mara Aalipour     
is a branding strategist, certified coach and speaker. 
Mara has 20+ years of experience in business and branding and has helped thousands of businesses grow beyond their imagination with proven strategies. 
Amit Ambegaonkar
is the Award-winning author, Professional Speaker, Business Consultant and Certified Trainer who specializes in helping business owners structure their business and generate sales for maximum profit. 

In This Webinar you will learn:
Secret #1:
What kind of messaging connects to your client's heart and mind?
Business Sales Online
If you understand how to connect to your target audience, your business will soar and reach new heights!
Secret #2:
How to build a pipeline of potential clients online to create ongoing sales?
Online money making business
You need to build a pipeline as, without it, you will be anxious and worried about profitability in your business.
Secret #3:
What you should know in order to convert your product into an offer?
Business Coaching Free
Understanding the difference between product and offer and exactly what works and what doesn't.

Join Mara and Amit as they share how you can strengthen the most Powerful Pillars in any business today: 
Branding and Sales!

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